Wsprry Pi System Internals

The system consists of the following:

  • wspr (executable): Installed to /user/local/bin/wspr

  • wspr.ini (configuration): Installed to /user/local/etc/wspr.ini

  • wspr.service (service control file): Installed to /etc/systemd/system/wspr.service

  • Wsprry Pi Web UI: Installed to /var/www/html/wspr

If you choose to use the TAPR board-supplied shutdown button, the following files are also part of the system:

  • (Python script): Installed to /user/local/bin/

  • shutdown-button.service (service control file): Installed to /etc/systemd/system/shutdown-button.service

The primary data flow is as follows:

Data Flow Diagram

Log Files

The wspr service will log messages to transmission and error logs. As of version 1.1.0, these log files will move out of the system log and into four separate logs:

  • /var/log/wsprrypi/wspr.transmit.log: The standard log showing informational messages about the wspr process and transmissions.

  • /var/log/wsprrypi/wspr.error.log: Any errors or warnings logged by the wspr process.

  • /var/log/wsprrypi/shutdown-button.transmit.log: If enabled, this log will show any messages from the system shutdown daemon connected to the shutdown button.

  • /var/log/wsprrypi/shutdown-button.error.log: If enabled, this log will show any errors or warnings from the system shutdown daemon.

You may review these text files with standard Linux tools:

  • cat /var/log/wsprrypi/wspr.transmit.log: Print the log’s contents to the screen.

  • more /var/log/wsprrypi/wspr.transmit.log: View the log using the system paging feature (man more for more details).

  • tail -f /var/log/wsprrypi/wspr.transmit.log: Show the end of the log and continue to show new lines as they are logged (man tail for more information.)

The logd daemon rotates the logs on the following schedule:

  • wspr.transmit.log and wspr.error.log are rotated daily, the old log is compressed, and 14 logs are retained (14 days.)

  • shutdown-button.transmit.log and shutdown-button.error.log are rotated monthly (if they have contents,) the old log is compressed, and 12 logs are retained (12 months.)